Steven Lee, Professor and Director Forensic Science

San Jose State University

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San Jose State University


Steven Lee is Professor at the International Forensic Research Institute at Florida International University and Professor and former Director of the Forensic Science Programs in the Department of Justice Studies at San Jose State University.   Lee holds a BS from SUNY Binghamton in Biology, an MS from NYU and PhD from University of California, Berkeley in Molecular and Physiological Plant Biology.  Lee did post doctoral research in molecular evolution at University of Georgia, Athens and serves as Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley and has served as Director of R&D or consultant for six biotech companies including Miraibio Inc. (2000-2009)Biomatrica Inc. (2007-2009), Illumina Inc (2012-2016) and Source Molecular Corp. (2017).


He was formerly the Director of R&D at CA Department of Justice DNA Laboratory, is a Fellow in the Criminalistics section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and is currently serving as Chair of the Gordon Research Conferenceon Forensic Analysis of Human DNA (2020) He currently serves as a member of  The Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science, Digital Multimedia Scientific Area Committee’s (SAC’s) Facial Identification Subcommittee and The American Academy of Forensic Sciences Academy Standards Board DNA Consensus Body and was a former member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation administered Technical Working Group on DNA Analysis methods(TWGDAM)

Dr. Lee has published 48 peer reviewed articles or book chapters, presented over 150 research papers or posters